What are the advantages of Rafa's Programme?

Vantagens? Que bom!

The packages of words I have prepared for this software will teach you the Portuguese words and expressions you normally use in most aspects of your life - from types of food (vegetables, meat, fish, eggs), to types of tastes (salty, sweet, sour), from colours (green, blue, yellow) to shapes (round, square, triangular), from greetings to farewells (hello, good morning, see you later), from numbers to how to buy a ticket or rent a car, etc..

You'll also get the pronunciation right by listening to the sounds of the words and expressions and repeat them as many times as you want! Once you feel confident about the sound of the words, just switch the sound off and simply recall the words and their sounds by looking at them as they pass across the screen or come up in the bubbles – your choice! Any time you feel the sound of a word has 'slipped away', just turn the sound back on – it’s always there for you! This is a feature of "Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker" – you are in charge all the time. You decide what to learn and when to learn it - sound on or sound off.

With Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker you can...

... select categories of words and expressions you want to learn from the range of categories available. - By default, all words come selected for you when you buy a new package, but you can check them off and then select only the ones you want to learn in each category.

... listen to and repeat the words and expressions as many times as you want.

... select the speed at which you want learn them.

... select the speed of word delivery to suit you circumstances.

... select again, to see the words passing across your screen, or just to have an occasional reminder of a new word (you choose the frequency – it’s always your choice! You are the boss of your learning.)

… add, record and learn your own words and expressions – you’ll love this feature! – Have you ever heard of such a thing? Once again, this puts you in control!

… learn either from 'English into Portuguese' or 'Portuguese into English'.

… choose 'random selection' to see if you can really recall the words and expressions you have already learnt.

… use your full brain capacity for learning – your conscious and subconscious mind.

… feel the satisfaction that this innovative learning programme brings you – "Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker" boosts your language-learning capacity like no other on the market!

... want to know what it sounds like when run words together, that is, when words combine in sequence? Now you can - in any expression given - and repeat it over and over again to your heart’s content.

Why should you use “Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker” rather than something else out there in the market?

Also, you want this software because it is…

  1. Practical: The simplicity of my software programme means that you can use it on your desktop or laptop anywhere and any time you want. You can use it while you’re cooking dinner, working out in your room, or doing housework – just turn up your speakers.
  2. Quick: You can download your copy of “Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker”© in a few minutes (after registration and purchase) and get started right away.
  3. Effective: You’ll be learning Portuguese almost without realising it.
  4. Safe: I use a world-class secure register, order and delivery system. Payment for new packages will be done through secure systems, either PayPal and Moneybookers.
  5. Affordable: Unlike other language programs, this system was not created with profit in mind. I love my students and I’m passionate about helping them to learn Portuguese. My passion for languages has helped me bring this idea to the world. All you have to do is purchase new packages from time to time – all very reasonably priced - as you progress with your learning. Think about the price you pay for many ordinary things that you don’t really need but you still go out and buy, so-called bargains, for instance; things you might never even use and eventually throw away. Those are things you really can’t afford. Or, think about the fees you pay for classes that you don’t – or can’t – attend, with the result that you ‘lose the plot’. By learning Portuguese with “Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker” you are investing in yourself and you’ll retain this knowledge forever, you’ll grow as a person, and your confidence will sky-rocket! Put a price on that!
  6. No-risk: You’ll get a 100% money-back guarantee on the packages of words and expressions you purchase. I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, and above all, with your learning progress. Let me know if you're not within two weeks and I'll refund the cost of your purchase straight away.

Can you get a fairer deal than this?

Deste seu professor e amigo, (Your teacher and friend,)